Company Secretary

05 July 2017
21 July 2017
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Full Time

The Rehab Group is a charity that provides services for over 20,000 adults and children and champions the value of diversity and inclusion for people with disabilities or disadvantage in their communities throughout Ireland and the UK.

Our mission is to help change the lives of the people we serve by helping them to become more independent and more included in the communities by empowering them with the skills and confidence to be active in the workforce, and supporting them to be in charge of their health and wellness.

Over 20,000 people – adults and children – use Rehab’s services every year. People with disabilities, people on the autism spectrum, people with mental health difficulties, people who are disadvantaged in some way in the labour market, and people who want a fresh start.

MISSION: Helping the people we serve to be more independent; helping them to contribute to and be more included in their communities; empowering them with the skills and confidence to be active in the workforce; and supporting them to be in charge of their health and wellness. VISION: We are a charity that champions the value of diversity and inclusion for people with a disability or disadvantage, in their communities. Together, we will constantly learn and seek to provide excellent services to foster and enhance social and economic independence. VALUES: Our values underpin all we do, shape who we are and how we work with one another, in our organisation and in the community:

Advocacy: Challenge exclusion and promote inclusion

Quality: Strive for excellence in all aspects of our work

Dignity: Respect the unique worth of every person (that includes people who access our services, families, employees and volunteers)

Justice: Act with integrity, honesty, commitment and accountability in everything we do to ensure equity, fairness and transparency

Team Work: Foster an environment that encourages change, growth, trust in our organisation and in partnership with others, working together as one Rehab team.


Applications are invited for the following position: Company Secretary

Permanent Contract

Location: Roslyn Park College, Dublin



To lead the efficient administration of the Rehab Group governing structure, ensuring members are fully informed of legal and corporate responsibilities and full compliance with statutory regulations and corporate governance.

To advise and support the Boards in respect of their statutory, regulatory, financial and legal obligations, including (but not limited to) Companies Act 2014 and the Charities Act 2009,

To perform the full Company Secretarial service for all Rehab companies and board-related committees.

To document board and committee minutes for all meetings of such bodies within the Rehab Group, including overseas entities, including preparation of agendas in conjunction with CEO and Chairpersons, circulation and publication of meeting papers using company secretarial software.

To ensure that Rehab Group and its subsidiary companies are fully compliant with all necessary regulations, both from legal and Charities Regulator bases.

To facilitate the efficient reduction of statutory entities within the Rehab Group.

To support the induction and registration of new directors and complete administration of same.

To support the resignation of directors and complete administration of same.

To ensure that all Rehab Group trademarks are registered and renewed.

To ensure that returns and other documentation are filed correctly and on time with the Charities Regulator, Charity Commission and Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

To ensure that all necessary legal and regulatory documentation is in place to support annual CORE/CRO filings within the Rehab Group and its subsidiary entities.

To ensure all requirements are met in relation to Data Protection in conjunction with the Data Protection Officer

To support Rehab Group in continued regulatory updates from the Charities Regulatory office and Company Law.

To support Finance in development and maintenance of its Fixed Asset register and assist with other projects which will arise from time to time, such as Contribution Analysis, administration of database of outstanding audit (internal and external), together with management letter recommendations


Formal Education / Training

  • Member of the ICSA (Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators)--essential
  • Accounting qualification IATI--desirable

Work Experience

  • Minimum 3 years relevant experience
  • Understanding and experience of the Not-for-Profit sector (desirable).
  • Broad and deep experience in their specialism typically gained through full professional qualification and a wide range of experience.
  • Experience of supporting in a Company Secretarial Role a number of main boards, subsidiary boards and board related committees
  • Experience of developing policy and strategy for the company secretarial function and in particular, the filing of all necessary returns in a timely and efficient manner
  • Familiarity with automated board paper systems, such as Virtual Board and GEMS.
  • Experience of statutory entity reduction in a legal, compliant and efficient manner

Skills and Knowledge

  • A commitment to living the organisational values of Team work, Dignity, Justice, Advocacy and Quality.
  • In depth knowledge of Company Secretarial duties
  • In depth knowledge of Company Legislation and associated regulations as they impact on Company Secretary work
  • Excellent computer-literacy skills.
  • Working knowledge/experience  Sun, Vision, Sage, and MS applications (desirable).
  • Sound leadership skills and excellent relationship management skills
  • Strong commercial acumen
  • Ability to prioritise and multi-task
  • Analytical and conceptual skills, with
  • Good relationship management skills
  • Outcomes driven    
  • Highly developed communication and interpersonal skills in order to lead staff and/or to win hearts and minds of others (internally and externally) in order to bring about necessary changes in behaviour and to achieve the required outcomes


Job Area (What is done, and to what, and why)

1. Provide administrative support to include the organisation and administration of all meetings for the Boards and Committees within the Rehab Group corporate structure to demonstrate adherence to Corporate Governance best practice. Ensure all board and committee minutes are prepared and distributed in a timely and efficient manner.

2. Arrange and coordinate Board and Committee meetings, including agendas, minutes and Board/Committee packs for Rehab’s governing structure.

3. Overseeing all statutory requirements, By-Laws/Charters, Corporate Governance, legal regulations and requirements. Responsible for the management of change to by-Laws and internal corporate governance where required.

4. Provide comprehensive legal direction and advice as required to the Rehab Group Staff, Board and Committees in order to demonstrate adherence to Company Law and Corporate Governance best practice.

5. Ensuring compliance with legislation such as the Companies Acts, Charities Act, Lobbying Act and other relevant legislation/regulations.

6. Ensure up to date knowledge of all current legal and statutory requirements as they pertain to Company Secretarial and Corporate Governance roles—act as the in-house ‘knowledge keeper’ for all such information.

7. Provide comprehensive company law advice in the planning and implementation of the reduction of statutory legal entities within the Rehab Group

8. Within Finance, assume responsibility for ensuring efficient delivery of the following:

  • Fixed Asset Register—updating and reconciliation.
  • Internal Control and other Audit Recommendations—maintain master file and ensure all updates are logged and actions completed.
  • CPD organization, including liaison with Finance personnel and external delivery bodies.

Assist/lead in other Finance Projects as they arise, from time to time.



Typical Level of Interaction

☐  Standard:  Typical interaction is to request and provide information.  Courtesy, tact and effectiveness are required.

X  Advanced:  Influence using logic and facts.  Communication is important

☐  Expert:  Win the hearts and minds, changing opinion of people.  Critical in achieving the job objectives.

Primary Audience (Internal)

  • CEO
  • Director Of Finance
  • Directors of Rehab Boards and Committees
  • Department Heads

Level of Audience (Internal)

☐  Clerical / Operational

☐  Supervisory / Junior Professional

☐  Middle Management / Seasoned Professional

X   Senior / Top Management


Primary Audience (External)

External Auditors


Level of Audience (Internal)

☐  Clerical / Operational

☐  Supervisory / Junior Professional

☐  Middle Management / Seasoned Professional

X  Senior / Top Management



Key measurable items will include:


  • Timely distribution (TBA) of all minutes and actions from board and committee meetings within the Rehab Group
  • Continuous updating of self and all other stakeholders on legislation, governance and regulatory requirements as they pertain to Company Secretarial functions
  • Satisfactory audit results and implementation of any agreed recommendations in a timely manner.
  • Regular (TBA) issuing of updates on Audit and Management Letter recommendations
  • Regular (TBA) issuing of updates on Fixed Asset Register additions/disposals and reconciliation of same.


(Comment on any specific factors that affect the job and how the job is performed, such as special conditions, travel, work pressure, etc.)


This role requires the job holder to:


  • Be based within the Rehab Group Head Office but will necessarily include oversea travel to attend Board and Committee meeting in UK and Europe, as needs arise.
  • Be flexible in terms of ad hoc requirements to work outside normal working hours, if/when Board and Committee meeting timetables dictate.
  • Maintain confidentiality on all matters discussed at Board and Committee meetings.

Highlight any concerns re Corporate Governance/Secretarial functions, to supervising manager, in a timely and professional manner


Judgement & Decision Making

  • You will ensure that Governance, legal and regulatory requirements are prioritised at all times.
  • You identify and focus on core issues when dealing with complex information/situations. Prioritisation of tasks is vital on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  • You ensure that the full intent and content of all board and committee meetings is accurately transcribed and distributed in a timely and efficient manner.
  • You will ensure that your working environment facilitates absolute confidentiality of Board and Committee information at all times
  • You will assemble facts, manipulate verbal and numerical information and think through issues logically.
  • You see the relationships between issues and quickly grasping the high level implications.
  • You identify coherent solutions to complex issues.
  • You take action, making decisions in a timely manner and having the courage to see them through.
  • You make sound and well informed decisions, understanding their impact and implications.
  • You strive to effectively balance the departmental issues, organisational elements and the service user / employee impact in all decisions.

Management & Delivery of Results

  • You ensure that all communications with Board and Committee members is actioned in a timely and efficient manner.
  • You initiate and take personal responsibility for delivering results/services in own area.
  • You balance strategy and operational detail to meet business need.
  • You manage multiple agendas and tasks and reallocates resources to manage change in focus.
  • You make optimum use of resources and implements performance measures to deliver on objectives.
  • You ensure the optimum use of ICT and new delivery models.
  • You critically review projects and activities to ensure their effectiveness and that they meet Organisational requirements.
  • You instil the importance of efficiencies, value for money and meeting corporate governance requirements.
  • You ensure the team are focused and act on Business plans priorities, even when faced with pressure. This person is not managing a team

Building Relationships & Communication

  • You will build a professional working relationship with all Board and Committee members, your in-house supervisory staff and in particular, with both the CEO and the Finance Director
  • You speak and write in a clear, articulate and impactful manner.
  • You actively listen, seeking to understand the perspective and position of others.
  • You manage and resolve conflicts / disagreements in a positive & constructive manner.
  • You work effectively within the Organisational process, recognising & managing tensions arising from different stakeholder perspectives.
  • You persuade others; building consensus and gaining co-operation from others to obtain information and accomplish goals.
  • You proactively engage with colleagues at all levels of the organisation and across other Departments and builds strong professional networks.
  • You make opinions known when you feels it is right to do so.

Influencing & Negotiating

  • You research and consider what is likely to influence a particular audience and adopt and appropriate style.
  • You understand how your style and behaviour influences others.
  • You encourage contributions from others to help build ownership.
  • You ask others for their reaction to gauge their level of buy in.
  • You influence others to build support in a group or team setting.
  • You ensure that conversations remain objective and focused on the issue/s to be resolved.
  • When negotiating you state your position and needs clearly, backing them up with examples and facts and listen to the views and opinions of others.

Planning and Organising

  • You create comprehensive plans which deliver on specific objectives.
  • You identify, to the best of your competence, the resources required to achieve the plans.
  • You think ahead and attempt to identify potential problems and factors which may arise, raising these with the appropriate person or addressing the issues.
  • You plan ahead for meetings and busy periods.
  • You set realistic timescales and monitor the progress of plans.


  • You ensure the confidentiality of information and record and report on your work within confidentiality agreements and according to legal and organisational requirements.
  • You encourage your colleagues and staff to seek assistance when experiencing difficulty in any aspect of their work.
  • You communicate and support colleagues and others to communicate in appropriate, open, accurate and straightforward ways.