Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

Excellent package depending on experience
15 May 2017
12 June 2017
Position / level
Contract Type
Full Time

Position : Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

Division/Department : Nursing Service

Reports to : Chief Operating Officer, Apollo Hospitals Dhaka


This position requires to provide direction to the nursing through strategic decision making in line with the vision and mission of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka.


  •  Guides the development and implementation of goals, objectives, protocols, standards, policies and procedures in the Nursing Department which facilitate the highest possible standard of care with the resource available and which are consistent with those of the hospital.
  • Performs all managerial functions common to the department level as established by Organization management.
  • Studies and evaluates trends and practices, new technology, methods and systems, supplies and equipment for applicability and use in providing Nursing care and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Nursing Services.
  • Develops new and revised policies and procedures covering areas of responsibility and established department rules and guides personnel in carrying these out.
  • Solves problems as they may arise out of the performance of duties of the respective Nursing functions, especially with regards to Nursing care of patients.
  • Interprets and defines, in collaboration with key Nursing personnel, the scope and limitations of Nursing practice in order to provide for the safe, appropriate and effective Nursing care of patients.
  • Establishes Nursing committees, special project teams and study groups, evaluates and decides on implementation of their recommendations.
  • Plans, organizes, directs, evaluates and controls the goals and programs of the Nursing Service to coordinate responsibilities and major activities and to develop and implement the organization plan for Nursing care.
  • Establishes an organizational plan, channels of communication and department structure to achieve the goals and objectives of the Nursing Department.
  • Contributes in implementation of new projects in align with other department
  • Interpret and puts into effect administrative policies established by the hospital.
  • Establishes an organizational plan, channels of communication and department structure to achieve the goals and objectives of the Nursing Department.
  • Incorporates Infection Control, safety and quality assurance programs into objectives and activities of the Nursing Department.
  • Ensures effective implementation of Infection Control policies in Nursing Department.
  • Analyzes and evaluates Nursing and related services rendered to improved quality of care.
  • Promotes coordination and consistency of activities of various Nursing units.
  • Keeps the Chief Executive Officer informed about Nursing issues and activities.
  • Establishes performance standards with which to measure competence, effectiveness and efficiency of Nursing service personnel and activities.
  • Facilitates a comfortable, healthy living environment for Nursing staff.
  • Ensures judicious use of ward inventory and consumables.
  • Responsible for implementation of Performance Management system, promoting, evaluation, counseling and disciplining of Nursing staff.
  • Responsible to keep the attrition rate low at all time.
  • Responsible for rational utilization of Nursing manpower.
  • Provides system to maintain relevant records, statistics and files in the Nursing Department.
  • Responsible for capability building of Nursing team through robust Nursing Education, CNE and bed side training.
  • Approves the training and Nursing education programs.
  • Consults with other departments to establish effective working relationships and to ensure the best possible level of patient care.
  • Contributes to hospital and administrative committees, projects and other activities as requested.
  • Facilitates and promotes harmonious relationships among Nursing personnel, and with medical and other hospital staff, patients, and the public.
  • Conducts meeting, conferences and discussions with Nursing staff to encourage participation in developing and implementing departmental policies and standards and to keep them informed about relevant issues.
  • Participates in quality assurance programs and responsible for maintaining JCI compliance with all Nursing departmental SOPs resulting improvement in patient satisfaction.


Full Time


  • Master’s degree in Nursing or related field.
  • Critical Care Nursing experience preferred.
  • Prior experience as a Chief Nursing Officer preferred.
  • The ability to demonstrate leadership, managerial ability, good interpersonal relationships, and the application of sound administrative principles.


  • 15 to 20 years of experience in any foreign countries with substantial job involvement in hospitality services, customer relationship management, hotel management, facility management etc.
  • At least 5 – 7 years in the leadership position in similar organization/industry.


  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to determine appropriate course of action in more complex situations
  • Ability to work independently, exercise creativity, be attentive to detail, and maintain a positive attitude
  • Handle difficult situations involving patients, physicians, or others in a professional manner