Healthcare Operations Manager

Dublin, Leinster
Excellent Salary with Benefits
13 March 2019
10 April 2019
Position / level
Manager, Professional
Contract Type
Full Time

Title: Healthcare Operations Manager

Virtue Integrated Elderly Care are seeing to recruit an Operations Manager for an innovative community integrated healthcare service development for the older person in South County Dublin.

Virtue Integrated Elder care currently operate healthcare facilities in South Dublin.

Reports directly to: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Reported directly to by: Integrated Care Team, Case Managers, PHN / Home Care leads and Social Care Managers (Day Services)

Objectives of the role:

  • The Operations Manager will be responsible for working within a new programme of care to develop and implement an integrated care approach to health and social care, with the aim to assist the frail older person in staying within their own home
  • Responsible for growth of the integrated care model through the development of a continuum of care across care teams, day services, home care and respite
  • Creation of a seamless flow for the older person through pathways, supporting coordinated care across homecare, day services and the ICT team as well as combined health and social care assessments for admission to nursing home when required.
  • Providing leadership and direction to the Integrated Care Teams, playing a vital role in promoting high quality, best practice and person-centred service delivery in the identified cohort;
  • Looking at providing cost-effective, evidence based and timely care in the right place appropriate to the older persons’ needs;
  • Responsible for operational management with accountability for the delivery, quality and performance of the services;
  • Ensuring that clear and systematic processes are in place across all relevant care pathways to support the economic, efficient and effective delivery of key business and service objectives;
  • Lead role in developing teams and services in support of integrated older person pathways and to ensure the delivery of safe, effective high-quality care;
  • Management of a delegated budget;

Roles & Responsibilities

The OM will be responsible for achieving the following key outcomes:
1. Governance

  • Policy and Procedure: Participate in the development of policy and procedures, in line with policy GM-06, in your areas of responsibility and continuously monitor and assess performance against such policy and procedures.
  • QMS: Contribute to the design of quality the quality management systems within your areas of responsibility. Understand how and why quality management activities are designed and ensure there they are effectively implemented and embedded in your areas and locations of responsibility.
  • Compliance: Measure and monitor, through the quality management system, compliance with policy and procedure, regulations, relevant standards, desired accreditation and business/strategic objectives. Ensure the internal and external audit processes are managed in line with policies and procedures. Maintain an up to date working knowledge of relevant regulations, standards and guidance.
  • Risk Management: Ensure that risks are proactively (and reactively) identified in your areas and locations of responsibility. Ensure that such risks are being assessed by the appropriate person. Where risks are identified as high risk or very high risk, support the appropriate persons in the treatment of such risks. Ensure such risk are reported upon and escalated appropriately.
  • Supervision: Ensure that appropriate systems and processes or supervision are effectively implemented over your areas and locations of responsibility.
  • Use of Information: Ensure that information is collected, utilised and analysed in a manner that supports quality assurance and improvement in line with policy and procedure, regulations, relevant standards, desired accreditation and business/strategic objectives.
  • Management Reporting: Implement agreed systems of management reporting. This includes, but is not limited to, monthly reporting requirements to the Executive Team in the agreed format and requested reviews. This should be supported by management reporting from your own staff team.
  • Financial: Ensure that decisions made to support the attainment of objectives within your areas of responsibility are made within budget. Where you anticipate any deviation from overall budget, you must receive sanction from the COO.

2. Health & Social Care Delivery

Health Care Assessment and Social care-planning: Oversee the development of a meaningful single assessment tool and social care planning framework. Support the teams across the ICT in its implementation within day and home service operations. Monitor the effectiveness of implementation.

  • Community Integration: Support SCMs and home care teams in conceiving and implementing means through which the older person can maintain connections to the community.
  • Training and Education: Support SCMs and the ICT to design and implement training programs that best empower all stakeholders (staff, families, carers, community) to support optimal health and social outcomes for the older person.
  • Quality Assurance: Through activities of the quality management system, and through your own means of professional judgement, establish validated assurances as to the delivery of health and social care, in your locations of responsibility, in a manner that demonstrates compliance with policy and procedure, regulations, relevant standards, desired accreditation and business/strategic objectives.
  • Quality Improvement: Where quality assurance indicates gaps in the practice of health and social care delivery, support the homecare, day services and ICT teams to develop and implement systems-based quality improvement plans in line with the quality management system. Ensure that learnings from analysis of gaps in practice is shared across all of your areas of responsibility.

3. Clinical Care Delivery

  • Assessment and clinical care-planning: Contribute to the development of a clinical assessment and care planning framework that maximises autonomy for the older person at home. Support the implementation and monitor the effectiveness of this.
  • Case management: Support the case manager, care coordinators and ICT team members to oversee the delivery of person-centred intervention that best support the needs of the older person at home. Place emphasis on supporting such personnel to effectively manage high and very-high risk cases.
  • Medication Management: Support team members to oversee the delivery of safe, robust and person-centred medication management practices. Place emphasis on supporting such personnel to effectively manage high and very-high risk cases.

4. Transitions Activity

  • Enquiry and Admissions: Support the Case managers and care coordinators in managing intakes to the Integrated Care team and related services. To manage intake to ensure occupancy across all service areas as agreed per the business model.
  • Supporting change: Support the teams to effectively mitigate the risks change and transition from the first point of contact with the service until potential transfers to residential setting.

5. Human Resources:

  • Support & Mentoring: The OM will support, mentor and coach all line managers reporting into the OM to effectively fulfil their roles. This will include delegating in an appropriate manner and seeking to develop the competencies and skills of these line managers to perform their roles effectively.
  • Integration: The OM will support their line managers to fulfil their line manger roles within the HR function, escalating and delegating, where appropriate and to effectively integrate with the HR department.

6. General Services:

  • Integration: The OM will support their line managers to fulfil their line manger roles within the HR function and to effectively integrate with the HR department.


  • Have not less than 3 years’ experience in a management capacity in the health and social area within the previous 6 years.


  • Have an in-depth knowledge of the ageing process and eldercare sector.
  • Experience with implementing projects and managing change processes.
  • Experience with interagency working


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