Positive Care

About Positive Care

Positive Care has been entrusted to care for over 400 Young People who are looked after by the State. We work in partnership with TUSLA to ensure all Young People receive quality services. These include therapeutic residential care, access to education, access to psychological services, integration into local communities and preparation for aftercare.

We employ and invest in over 250 people; more than 80% of our management team have grown and developed from within the company. All of our teams understand and contribute to our vision for all Young People in Positive Care. 

We have grown over the past few years due to high demand for placements within our services. The various types of services we provide have enabled us to now manage 16 houses throughout Ireland. Our Services are based in Longford, Laois, Wicklow, Wexford, Kilkenny, Cork, Limerick, & Tipperary

Our mission is to provide responsive, creative and flexible residential care services which are safe, caring, warm and fun for Young People in our care. We will do everything possible to promote the education, social and psychological development and wellbeing of each Young Person in our care.

Positive Care’s vision is to be the best provider of residential care services, and lead the way for high quality care framework.

Positive Care provides a continuum of care in order to ensure that we can cater for all presentations of needs of the young in ours services. Our Teams have experienced working with all levels of needs, ages, risks, behaviours and presentations and this is in turn supported by our Clinical Department.

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