About Revenue

The Office of the Revenue Commissioners was established by Government Order in 1923. The Order provided for a Board of Commissioners. The Board comprises three Commissioners one of whom is appointed Chairman and all carry the rank of Secretary General. The Chairman of the Board is also the Accounting Officer for Revenue. The Mission Statement of Revenue is:

'To serve the community by fairly and efficiently collecting taxes and duties and implementing Customs controls.'

Staff and Geographical Spread

There are in excess of 110 Revenue offices countrywide with a staff complement of just over 5,700.

Core Business

The core business is the assessment and collection of taxes and duties. Revenue's mandate derives from obligations imposed by statute and by Government and as a result of Ireland's membership of the European Union. In broad terms the work includes -

  • Assessing, collecting and managing taxes and duties that account for over 93% of Exchequer Revenue
  • Administering the Customs regime for the control of imports and exports and collection of duties and levies on behalf of the EU
  • Working in co-operation with other State Agencies in the fight against drugs and in other cross Departmental initiatives
  • Carrying out Agency work for other Departments
  • Collection of PRSI for the Department of Social Protection
  • Provision of policy advice on taxation issues.

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