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About Vizor:

 Vizor was founded 15 years by Conor Crowley and Ross Kelly, who were both young, eager technology consultants in the field of financial regulation.

 Funded and advised by several leading veterans of the financial and technology industries they embarked on a mission to make a difference; to simplify and strengthen financial regulation systems.

 Since then Vizor has been continually developed and shaped to serve the evolving needs of financial regulators around the world. Our deep collaboration with some of the world’s leading regulators has been fundamental to establishing Vizor as the new standard in financial regulation technology.

 Today Vizor serves the needs of financial regulators in 30 countries. We are a trusted partner of large consulting firms and leading XBRL toolset providers. Our experienced board of directors includes 3 ex CEOs and experts from the financial regulation world.

 We take a collaborative, agile approach to implementing regulatory solutions. This ensures all your requirements are met and there is full knowledge transfer to your business and technical teams. Having a proven, integrated solution for financial supervision means we focus on configuring Vizor Software to solve your regulatory challenges.

 The company is based in Dublin, Ireland and employs over 70 staff (including their Dubai office).

 The company is profitable and is well funded.

 Vizor has grown quickly over the last number of years and that growth trajectory is continuing.

 The company is moving from designing, implementing and maintaining bespoke software solutions for their international client base to a more commoditised, product based offering.

 The company is moving from a sales/client led strategy to a market led strategy.  Vizor currently employs a marketing communications manager but no other dedicated marketing staff

 The Vizor clients are blue-chip regulatory bodies in 30 countries.

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