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About FP&A – Senior Finance & Executive Search

FP&A, a senior finance and executive search company, offers personalised recruitment and career advancement solutions to qualified accountants in the West of Ireland who are operating at senior, management and executive level.

Working with finance leaders and executives to enhance their careers in an ever-changing finance world, we don’t just “fill jobs”.  Instead we connect like-minded people in the accountancy & finance profession to allow great minds to work together and excel within a progressive and harmonious employee-manager relationship.

About Us:

FP&A was founded by Edel Vahey, who has over 14 years’ experience in discovering and recruiting talent for blue chip and indigenous companies, the majority of which was in the placement of qualified accountants up to Finance Director & CFO level. Edel has an interest in people and people’s behaviour, coupled with a keen interest in business and finance. She majored in H.R. and Accountancy as part of her B.B.S. at The University of Limerick, which led her to a career in recruiting staff in the accountancy & finance sector. She has spent most of her career placing Accountants into career-progressive positions, from helping newly-qualified practice Accountants to find their first industry position, through to working with top CFOs and FDs to find the strategic, influential position that capitalises on their business leadership talents.

What is the core value of FP&A?

At FP&A, we place honesty as our core value. We are honest about the finance jobs we have to offer, the companies that they are with and the opportunities they present. We are honest about the true skills and experience of the Accountants & Finance Leaders that we are representing. We conduct all our business in a transparent and honest manner.

Why use FP&A?

You should use FP&A to access our niche network of decision makers and hiring managers in the West of Ireland, coupled with our recruitment expertise, to help you secure your ideal job.

When you engage with FP&A, we will firstly find out what is your ideal job. We will not only explore your core skills and experience, but more importantly we will find out what makes you tick, and what kind of environments, and ultimately what career, will lead to your fulfilment.  We will use our extensive local knowledge about the national and international companies based here, to help you decide which job and company suits you best.

We will provide you with a unique insight on:
- their company ethos and culture, particularly focused on promotional opportunities & career progression structures
- the company’s communication style
- the experiences of others who worked there before and those who are currently working there
- the company’s future plans & past experiences
- the office location, parking facilities, aesthetics & office style
- the recruitment process, what to expect, how many stages before offer, who you will meet with and what they are like
- the hiring managers’ professional background & management style as well as their interview style
- remuneration packages and other company perks
- and generally what to expect if you work for them, now and in the long-term

What careers are on offer through FP&A?

As experts in senior finance and executive search, FP&A exclusively recruit qualified accountants for senior, management and executive leadership positions in national and multinational organisations, as well as growing entrepreneurial companies in Mayo, Galway and the West of Ireland.

Our jobs lean strongly towards commercial support and strategic development and include:

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Finance Directors
  • SSC Directors and SSC Managers
  • Group Financial Controllers
  • Financial Controllers
  • Senior Finance Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Tax Managers and Tax Directors

So if you are a senior finance professional with a desire to enhance your career in the West of Ireland, contact us for a confidential, exploratory conversation and see how we can help you to realise your aspirations.

For further information, or to see how we can help you, please contact us on +353 9495 57033 or visit our website www.fpna.ie

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