Adoption Authority of Ireland

About Adoption Authority of Ireland

The Adoption Authority of Ireland is responsible for registering and supervising the Registered Adoption Societies and for maintaining the Adoption Societies Register. The Adoption Board is also responsible for granting declarations of eligibility and suitability to prospective adopters in advance of their adopting abroad and for maintaining the Register of Foreign Adoptions in which details of inter-country adoptions are entered.

  • we plan and oversee the development of comprehensive, high quality and integrated adoption services
  • we make adoption orders, issue declarations of eligibility and suitability to adopt, and maintain the adoption registers
  • we set down guidelines and standards for the provision of all adoption services and to provide for review and evaluation of those services
  • we register and inspect against approved standards all agencies providing adoption services
  • we undertake and promote research and publish information about adoption and related services
  • we provide information directly to the general public and support others in the provision of information on adoption services.

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