Barry Herriott

About Barry Herriott

Barry Herriott, company founder, is science graduate and MBA from University College Dublin. Barry began his career in sales and marketing of industrial products with a consortium of major oil companies before joining the commercial development and planning division of one of Ireland’s state enterprise agencies where, as executive director, he managed multidisciplinary teams of commercial and technical consultants in transferring new technology-led ventures into Ireland.

During this period he realised that the most effective process for transfer of business know-how or technology is the recruitment of key people possessing critical competence. He founded Barry Herriott, Search and Selection, as an independent consulting firm which recruits top and senior managers / technologists for leading companies in Ireland and overseas in a wide range of industries in the public and private sectors. He secures, mostly through referral, all major assignments and leads / manages operations through an established network of researchers and consultants

He maintains long term working relationships with leading clients in chosen sectors by minimising off-limits constraints. He has a reputation for successfully designing and recruiting whole management teams for companies in growth mode or otherwise facing major change. He believes in continually updating expertise and in refining process know-how; staying abreast of research in process improvement methodologies including organisational learning and system thinking in both Europe and the USA.


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