Work: How to earn your manager’s respect

Work: How to earn your manager’s respect

There’s no point in working hard if you don’t know what your boss really wants


Work it: your boss is paying attention to how you fit in with the team and the extent to which you build relationships


We all want to be valued at work. But respect isn’t a given; you have to earn it. Whether you have a new manager or have worked with your current boss for years, what can you do to make sure your boss appreciates what you bring to the job?

1. Clarify your responsibilities:

The first step in earning your manager’s respect is, of course, doing your job – and doing it reliably well. To accomplish this, you must clarify your most critical assignments and how they fit into your boss’s agenda.

2. Adapt:

Becoming a valued and trusted employee requires that you figure out the best way to communicate with your boss. Ask your manager how they prefer to communicate. Adjust your style accordingly.

3. Observe and empathise:

To earn your boss’s respect, learn their priorities and the pressures they are under. Those are now your priorities. Learn who the boss trusts, who the boss listens to and where tensions lie.

4. Build relationships with others:

Your boss is paying keen attention to how you fit in with the team and the extent to which you build relationships. Being a supportive teammate makes you a good direct report.

5. Disagree (politely and in private):

Avoiding conflict with your boss is not a way to gain respect. Your relationship is a partnership, so your opinion and perspective are valuable.

6. Ask for feedback:

No matter how star-studded your job performance, you cannot force your boss to recognise your achievements. You must ask your boss, “How am I doing? What could I be doing more or less of?” – Copyright Harvard Business Review 


Previously published in The Irish Times.


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