Take advantage of your holdiays

Take advantage of your holdiays

Five ways to holidays that relax, inspire and reinvigorate


Plan well: never leave your holidays to chance

Plan well: never leave your holidays to chance


It goes without saying that you should find a job that you love and that allows you to be your best self – and our holidays must be approached with the same perspective. We must take advantage of them in order to come back to the office better than before.

Many chief executives and leaders design holidays that relax, inspire and reinvigorate. Here are five ways they do it:

1 MOVE AND EXERCISE Evolutionary science tells us that our fancy brains developed not while we were lounging, but while we were working out. Our ancestors moved around all the time. And we should use our holidays to do the same.

2 FIND PEACEFUL, BEAUTIFUL SURROUNDINGS Nature not only helps you listen to your inner voice, it can also inspire new purpose and passions.

3 MEET DIFFERENT, INTERESTING PEOPLE The world’s most productive people are deeply curious and collaborative and constantly seek out new acquaintances and allies – even when they’re on vacation.

4 BE WILLING TO INVEST Many of us are biased toward tangible luxuries. We spend more on houses, cars and clothes – which very soon lose their initial attraction and generate all sorts of worries and maintenance needs – than we do on experiences. According to research, new experiences offer more long-term satisfaction, providing not only pleasure, but also a chance to learn and grow.

5 PLAN PROPERLY Never leave your holidays to chance. Seamless air travel, nice accommodations, guaranteed restaurant and tour bookings – all of these will make your time off more productive and enjoyable. The preparation itself can be fun. Imagine everything you might do, then pick the activities which will give you best opportunities for renewal and reinvention. – (Harvard Business Review 2015)


Previously published in The Irish Times.


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