Head of Product Marketing

25 April 2017
23 May 2017
Position / level
Department Head, Professional
Contract Type
Full Time

Conor Crowley - Joint CEO, Vizor

Ross Kelly - Joint CEO, Vizor

About Vizor:

  • Vizor was founded 15 years by Conor Crowley and Ross Kelly, who were both young, eager technology consultants in the field of financial regulation.
  • Funded and advised by several leading veterans of the financial and technology industries they embarked on a mission to make a difference; to simplify and strengthen financial regulation systems.
  • Since then Vizor has been continually developed and shaped to serve the evolving needs of financial regulators around the world. Our deep collaboration with some of the world’s leading regulators has been fundamental to establishing Vizor as the new standard in financial regulation technology.
  • Today Vizor serves the needs of financial regulators in 30 countries. We are a trusted partner of large consulting firms and leading XBRL toolset providers. Our experienced board of directors includes 3 ex CEOs and experts from the financial regulation world.
  • We take a collaborative, agile approach to implementing regulatory solutions. This ensures all your requirements are met and there is full knowledge transfer to your business and technical teams. Having a proven, integrated solution for financial supervision means we focus on configuring Vizor Software to solve your regulatory challenges.
  • The company is based in Dublin, Ireland and employs over 70 staff (including their Dubai office).
  • The company is profitable and is well funded.
  • Vizor has grown quickly over the last number of years and that growth trajectory is continuing.
  • The company is moving from designing, implementing and maintaining bespoke software solutions for their international client base to a more commoditised, product based offering.
  • The company is moving from a sales/client led strategy to a market led strategy.
  • Vizor currently employs a marketing communications manager but no other dedicated marketing staff
  • The Vizor clients are blue-chip regulatory bodies in 30 countries.

The ‘Head of Product Marketing’ role in Vizor:

The Head of Product Marketing will formalise the function and process of product marketing in Vizor, enabling Vizor to become a market led organisation. The Head of Product Marketing will report directly to the CEOs and will work with the Product Management, Product Design, Product Development functions to realise the product strategy.

The Head of Product Marketing will work the Sales function to enable the sales channel. Ideally, the Head of Product Marketing should be fully certified in the Pragmatic Marketing Framework and should have successfully implemented the framework in an enterprise software company that was previously sales/client led. Vizor’s Marketing Communications Manager will report to the Head of Product Marketing.

The Head of Product Marketing will identify and source any additional resource required to successfully deliver against the responsibilities detailed below.

Marketing Strategy
In conjunction with the CEOs, develop and iterate a marketing strategy, including but not limited to the following topics:
 Distinctive competencies
 Marketing asset assessment
 Market definition
 Product strategy
 Product portfolio
 Marketing strategy
 Metrics for measuring marketing effectiveness

Market Opportunity Identification

Perform the following activities to help Vizor identify new market opportunities:
 Run awareness campaigns in conjunction with marketing communications
 Develop thought leadership initiatives with product management and product design
 Plan conference attendance, set conference goals and track effectiveness
 Research new market segments where Vizor could solve a market problem
 Organise User Groups for our existing client base in conjunction with product management
 Organise ‘Day in the Life’ site visits in conjunction with the support team
 Perform ‘win/loss’ analysis on recent proposals
 Assess new technology research performed by product design function
 Assess new business initiative research performed by external Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
 Over time, identify and formalise further activities that enable market opportunity identification

Market Opportunity Qualification

Develop, run and iterate a market opportunity qualification process, which will enable the CEOs to determine which market opportunities should be bought to market:
 Develop a formal opportunity evaluation model which enables the scoring of market opportunities before proceeding to significant internal investment. Scoring criteria should include:

  • Strategy fit
  • Competitive landscape
  • Investment required
  • Client impact

 For high potential market opportunities, prepare a business case to secure further investment in developing the opportunity. The business case should include initial marketing deliverables such as positioning statements and buyer personas

Planning and Build

Perform / assist in the following activities to convert a qualified opportunity into a finished deliverable that can be delivered to the sales channel:

 Determine whether to ‘buy, build or partner’ to deliver the opportunity, in conjunction with product design
 Develop a distribution strategy for the opportunity in conjunction with sales team
 Determine pricing strategy for the opportunity in conjunction with the CFO and CEOs
 Develop a marketing plan for the opportunity
 Develop a launch plan for the opportunity
 Determine metrics to measure effectiveness of all marketing initiatives

 Develop and maintain the product roadmap in conjunction with product management
 Where necessary, review and provide feedback on:

  • Product requirements produced by product management
  • Specifications produced by product design
  • Software deliverables produced by product development

 Assist product management in managing internal and external stakeholder communications (client services department, support department, external implementation partners)

Sales Channel Enablement

Perform the following activities to enable the sales channel:
 Lead generation
 Client retention programmes (to enable upselling to existing clients)
 Manage the client reference process
 Per product, document the buying process, develop sales collateral and sales tools e.g.

  • Answer bank
  • Sales playbook
  • Product presentation
  • Product demo

 Develop sales performance measurement metrics
 Train the sales channel as and when required
 Leverage industry analyst relationships to maximise exposure

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